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Business Router Management

AX BIZ is the Axiros OSS and network management framework for telco business edge routers. It enables for life-cycle management and automation of voice and VPN provisioning, real-time monitoring and proactive troubleshooting across multi-vendor (e.g. cisco, juniper, audiocodes) business edge systems.


Key Features of AX BIZ

  • Full device life-cycle management

  • Automation of voice and VPN provisioning

  • Proactive troubleshooting across multi-vendor business edge systems (e.g. Cisco, Juniper, AudioCodes, etc.)

  • Enterprise IAD Management

  • MPLS Customer Edge Router


  • Enterprise VoIP trunks

  • Service activation for P2P Fiber, DSL, xPON

Features & Functionalities

  • Enterprise IAD Management

    • BGP peerings

    • IP address and static route configurations

    • IPv4/V6

    • QoS

    • NAT configuration

  • MPLS Customer Egde Router

    • BGP peerings to MPLS Provider Edge (PE)

    • BGP peerings to customer via LAN

    • IP address and static route configuration

    • Multi VRF

    • IPv4, IPv6

    • QoS

  • Management options

    • TR-069

    • SSH or telnet (CLI)


    • Vendor specific API

  • Full Device Life-Cycle Management

    • Service activation / deactivation

    • Service up- and downgrades

    • Config backup and analysis

    • Monitoring and troubleshooting

  • IPsec VPN

    • Setup of encryption domain

    • Setup of IPsec peers

    • Setup of IPSEC encryption polices

    • IKEv1, IKEv2

  • Enterprise VoIP Trunks

    • Setup of ISDN PRI, BRI and POTS interfaces on


    • VoIP trunk parameters

    • VoIP call routing and number translation rules

  • Service activation for P2P Fibre, DSL, xPON

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Business Router Management - Supported Devices

Cisco Branch Routers  ISR G1,Cisco 2811, Cisco 2821 ISR G2, Cisco 2911, Cisco2921, etc.Cisco 1000, 4001 SeriesCatalyst Switches Any IOS/IOS-XE based device, etc.

Cisco Branch Routers

  • ISR G1, Cisco 2811, Cisco 2821

  • ISR G2, Cisco 2911, Cisco 2921, …

  • Cisco 1000, 4001 Series

  • Catalyst Switches

  • Any IOS/IOS-XE based device, …


AudioCodes Universal CPE

  • M800C-i4B-AGECSLE (4 BRI, 4 Cores) X8-Model

  • M800C-i4B-AGECSLE (4 BRI, 8 Cores) X9-Model

  • M800C-i4B-AGECSLE (4 BRI, 16 Cores) X11-Model

Juniper Business DevicesSRX Security Gateways MX Series Routers Any JunOS device ...

Juniper Business Devices

  • SRX Security Gateways

  • MX Series Routers

  • Any JunOS devices, ...

Huawei Access Routers AR100, AR200, etc.

Huawei Access Routers

  • NetEngine AR Series Enterprise Routers


…and others on request!

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