Axiros Launches New Release of AX USP 2.2

AX USP - Universal USP (TR-369) Controller

December 29, 2022 - MUNICH, GERMANY - Telecommunications software leader Axiros is proud to publicly announce its launch of version 2.2 of the AX USP Controller (and tools) - a highly scalable add-on, compatible with all existing device management and monitoring solutions.

Axiros AX USP supports millions of concurrent USP Agents via WebSocket connections and MQTT in a single process. It is developed from scratch in a memory-safe language for safety and speed. AX USP interfaces seamlessly with all current and future Axiros products and offers full support for the latest TR-369 specification (1.2) and partial support for the upcoming protocol version.

 AX USP 2.2 offers several new features that will enhance the user experience, such as:

  • Addition of the new log2es tool

  • Support for HTTPS and HTTP Basic Authentication in the USP Controller's REST interface

  • Addition of a REST interface in the kafka-redis adapter, providing general utilisation and performance counters

  • Support for providing a client certificate whitelist for the USP Controller's WebSocket MTP

  • Addition of a health route in the USP Controller's WebSocket MTP

  • Better handling of notification subscribers failure scenarios

  • Improved error logging

  • Improved outbound throughput in the kafka-redis adapter

  • Support for fine tuning the buffering behaviour of the kafka-redis adapter

  • Support for HTTP Basic Authentication in the websocket-rest-adapter (targeting AXESS 3)

  • General bug fixing

“The AX USP Controller continues its trend of improving deployment flexibility, providing a streamlined path for an efficient, scalable, robust, and highly available deployment. We are excited to see which new use cases can be unlocked by having a low-latency, efficient and highly performant solution in the hands of our customers.”, says Thales Fragoso, Software Developer at Axiros.

If you have technical questions about the new release or would like to update from a previous version, please contact [email protected]

To find out more about our company’s offerings, please visit the company´s website.

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