Axiros Launches New Release of AX USP 2.1

AX USP - WebSocket & MQTT MTP Controller

August 17, 2022 - MUNICH, GERMANY - Telecommunications software leader Axiros is proud to publicly announce its launch of version 2.1 of the AX USP Controller (and tools) - a highly scalable add-on, compatible with all existing device management and monitoring solutions.

Axiros AX USP supports millions of concurrent USP Agents via WebSocket connections and MQTT in a single process. It is developed from scratch in a memory-safe language for safety and speed. AX USP interfaces seamlessly with all current and future Axiros products and offers full support for the latest TR-369 specification (1.2) and partial support for the upcoming protocol version.

 AX USP 2.1 offers several new features that will enhance the user experience, such as:

  • Provide a way for upstream to communicate with unauthenticated Agents

  • Provide a way to achieve NBI HA in a distributed architecture

  • Add Redis Sentinel and authentication support to AXESS4 Redis adapter

  • Add the ability to specify a custom payload for load testing

  • Expose information that an Agent provided a certificate signed by a trusted CA

  • Convey authentication level information through our notifications

  • Also, support adapter configuration via env variables

  • Add a Kafka producer for notification processing

  • Add support for MQTT authentication

  • Provide docker images

  • Improved tooling documentation

 If you have technical questions about the new release or would like to update from a previous version, please contact [email protected]

To find out more about our company’s offerings, please visit the company´s website.

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